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IBC Frens is a collection of Alien (and frens) characters, so-called doodle art merged with Tim Burton's Nightmare before Christmas. These are space travelling aliens and frens, exploring and building all over the IBC (mainly through IBCNFTs.com).

The concept of a world's first DPO is in the works, where community and the IBC Frens NFT collection is at the core.

Learn more by reading 'Benefits', 'Community', and reviewing our 'Space Chart' and downloading our 'Spacelogs'.

Join us on a pastel colored space adventure in Stargaze (part of the IBC ecosystem).

Keyword: Fun & Longevity.

#FrensWithBenefits #OnlyFrens #Culture

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#Frenswithbenefits 💰

You'll find no vague promises of future value here.

Instead of all that mumbo jumbo, we will show you what is actually happening, and what's being considered.

Transparency. And fun.

IBC Frens are part-owners of IBCNFTs.com, where we build resources and provide value through the platform and community. As a result, IBC Frens DAO can extract revenue and benefits from those operations.

It's still early days in our lifetime journey. So far, the passive income from holding IBC Frens NFTs are limited to validator commission refunds and airdrops from revenue extracted from the IBCNFTs.com incubator program, and revenue from advertisements on IBCNFTs.com.

As our project grows, we'll create additional revenue streams which will continue to reward IBC Frens NFT holders through so called "rev-drops".

Besides what's listed below, IBC Frens regularly have community events with prizes, regular raffles and other fun stuff that reward holders. More on that in the next section of this page.

Validator commission refunds 📡

Currently, IBC Frens are securing several networks in the IBC ecosystem through IBCNFTs.com. We are actively looking at new opportunities to expand our active set, where each new validator slightly increases the utility of holding IBC Frens NFTs while staking and earning rewards.

The validator commission refund structure looks as follows:

• 1x IBC Frens NFT = 10% validator commission refund.
• 2x IBC Frens NFT = 20% validator commission refund.
• 3x IBC Frens NFT = 30% validator commission refund.
• 4x IBC Frens NFT = 40% validator commission refund.
• 5x IBC Frens NFT = 50% validator commission refund.

Refunds are based on commission you paid while actively staking in IBCNFTs.com validators (on a monthly basis).

Currently, we have active validator nodes in Stargaze, Evmos, Sifchain, and BitCanna. You can delegate through the links below.





Incubator rev-drop 🐣

Coming soon...

your own NFT + passive income 🖍️

As part of the 'Draw-A-Fren Coloring Book' outlined in 'Community', we will launch a 'IBC Frens NFT - Community Edition' collection later this year. The NFTs will be based on winning submissions from the recurring, monthly instalment of Draw-A-Fren. Where winners will have their colorbook art minted as NFTs - owning the creative rights along with mint proceeds and lifetime royalties.

Everyone can draw a fren and join the event, but only IBC Frens NFT holders are eligible for the 'IBC Frens NFT - Community Edition' and the perks of having their own NFT.

#onlyfrens 🏟️

You'll find no vague promises of future value here.

Instead of all that mumbo jumbo, we will show you what is actually happening, and what's being considered.

Transparency. And fun.

A large part of IBC Frens is the community, all IBC Frens holders are integral to what's being done and worked on. Sometimes the value and recognition of our NFTs takes a backseat as we focus on community aspects of our project.

Building a strong, durable community takes time, and should happen organically. Hype and short-cuts for growth doesn't provide a strong foundation for a solid community. Which is why we focus on building what we've set out to build in the scope of IBCNFTs.com, at our own pace, and with conviction. Then we let other aspects of our project grow organically, such as community, # of holders, and overall value. We believe our efforts in building and providing value for others will bring us the type of growth we would like. We also prefer to activate our community in reaching new frens rather than relying on conventional marketing that tends to focus on quantity, rather than quality.

We can afford this slow-growth approach as it allows us to grow at a manageable pace, and we have plenty of run-way in terms of resources to pay for expenses and development along the way - allowing us to execute on our plan and vision.

We regularly organize community events to drive engagement, where we always incorporate a level of outreach on the behalf of frens that participate.

Below you can read about recurring community events that are accessible to verified holders and have exclusive benefits for frens.

Draw-a-fren coloring book 🖍️

Draw-A-Fren includes a monthly coloring book and social media engagement (through the hashtag #DrawAFren).

Before the 1st of every month, we prepare a coloring book based on NFT submissions from holders. Ten of these submissions are selected and stripped of their colors and included in a coloring book with simple black and white outlines.

Frens can then print the coloring book onto physical paper or render digital drawings. Photoshop, Paint, crayons, crayolas, felt-tips, you name it - everything goes!

Coloring submissions are then tweeted on Twitter and shared in the Discord through the 1st of every month until the 21st of every month. After that, we compile the top submissions and put them up to a community vote in the Discord. The top winning submissions based on community vote are then awarded prizes in the form of NFTs and/or tokens.

The winning submissions are also entered into the 'IBC Frens NFT - Community Edition' that is set to be minted later this year. More details on this in the previous section #FrensWithBenefits.



Gamenights and raffles 🎲

On a weekly basis there is something going on in the IBC Frens Discord, that either relates to a game or raffle of some sort, all of which are exclusive to IBC Frens NFT holders.

Space Chart 🌌

You'll find no vague promises of future value here.

Instead of all that mumbo jumbo, we will show you what is actually happening, and what's being considered.

Transparency. And fun.

You'll find no vague promises of future value here.

Instead of all that mumbo jumbo, we will show you what is actually happening, and what's being considered.

Transparency. And fun.

Considering 💭

More validators
NFT Staking

To-do 🗓️

IBCNFTs.com Incubator
Fifth Validator
IBCNFTs.com second feature-set
Fifth Validator
IBC Pass NFT artwork
IBC Pass NFT website
IBC Pass NFT airdrop

In progress ⚙️

IBCNFTs.com first feature-set
IBCNFTs.com Discord server
Stargaze Auto-compounding
Validator commission refunds
Stargaze Tooling #1
Stargaze Tooling #2

Shipped ✅

2nd Wave IBC Frens NFT
Evmos validator
Stargaze validator
IBCNFTs.com Backend
Sifchain Validator
BitCanna Validator
First Iteration of DAO
1st Wave IBC Frens NFT
IBC Frens website
IBCNFTs.com MLP (Minimum Loveable Product)

Spacelog 🛸

Download specific Spacelog updates to learn more about IBC Frens, or catch up with the project if you've been away for awhile.

Our Spacelogs are released on a weekly basis, every Monday (covering the previous week). This is followed by an AMA in our Discord server every Monday at 09:00 PM UTC.

All Spacelog updates come in a PDF format and can be downloaded from ProtonDrive. ⚛️


Where can I buy IBC Frens NFTs?

IBC Frens NFTs are available on the Stargaze marketplace:

Buy IBC Frens Wave I NFTs on Stargaze.
Buy IBC Frens Wave II NFTs on Stargaze.

What was the mint price for IBC Frens NFTs?

Wave I had a mint price of 140 $STARS, Wave II had a mint price of 420 $STARS.

What is the IBC Frens Discord?

You can join the IBC Frens Discord server through https://discord.com/invite/ibcfrens

What is the utility of IBC Frens NFTs?

Passive income. The main utility of IBC Frens is the benefits coming from being part-owners of IBCNFTs.com. This includes eligibility for revenue sharing (Rev-Drop) aspects based on income extracted from services and products offered through IBCNFTs.com. Another is the community aspects of IBC Frens, including events and DAO governance driven initiatives.

What is the name of IBC Frens validators?

The validators named IBCNFTs.com are all part-owned by IBC Frens.

What IBC networks does IBC Frens have validators in?

Currently, IBC Frens are securing four different networks in the IBC ecosystem. Plan is to expand our active set to cover more networks. Our active validator nodes are the following:

Stargaze: Delegate
Evmos: Delegate
Sifchain: Delegate
BitCanna: Delegate

What is IBCNFTs.com?

IBCNFTs.com is a cross-chain NFT platform. Built in both web2 and web3. It covers NFTs from all IBC networks that have NFT support. All aspects of the platform is cross-chain, meaning that any resources and tooling has the aim to include all IBC networks, for example: Stargaze, Secret Network, Evmos, Juno, Terra, OmniFlix, and AssetMantle.

Many static pages such as NFT project pages from NFTs around the IBC ecosystem are plain web2. While features and tooling are running on-chain, through AkashNet ($AKT).

The goal is to become a go-to platform for both NFTp rojects that want to utilize tools we've built, and for NFT consumers that are looking for resources, in the form of news, insights, and analytics.